Hi, I’m Chix, pleased to meet you!

I have been interested in wine for over 20 years and when I retired from an international career in dance, I decided to set-up a wine business .  In those early days I learnt everything I possibly could about wine and about running a small business.  I travelled around Europe visiting vineyards and asked as many people as I could in London about how to run a business.  I went to trade tastings and networking events everywhere.  To start the business, I imported a pallet of Rose from a vineyard that was introduced to me by a very good friend.  That was 10 years ago – there have been many experiences in between, some great, some good and some not so good!  Today my business imports wine from Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Hungry, Spain and Portugal.  I have a wine shop & bar in Brixton, an on-line business, a wine school called No3 Vining Street, and I have just opened a second shop & bar in Herne Hill called Vintage1824.

We pride ourselves on offering customers the very best service experience and excellent wines that they cannot find anywhere else because I import them directly.

Today I have a dedicated team of wine lovers who work in my business which frees up a little of my time to concentrate on finding new vineyards and looking at new business opportunities.    I also provide a number of consultancy services for people with a passion for wine and business.

These include

  • Advice on creating an exciting wine menu
  • Staff training and how to deliver great customer service
  • Consultancy style support for business owners operating a wine bar / shop
  • Mentoring for people who love wine and want to channel it into a commercial enterprise of some kind.

If you would like to chat to me about my story and explore how we could work together, please email me at chix@bychix.co.uk



Based in the heart of Brixton, The Wine Parlour is local and accessible, passionate and informal, serious about wine but friendly and fun with it. We opened our in 2013.  The shop & bar has over 40 wines that I import directly and we have some fantastic testimonials from people who have become our friends.



Vintage1824 will be opening in September.  Is is located on Half Moon lane in the heart of Herne Hill.

We will be offering customers the same wine ethos and superb service as we do at The Wine Parlour.  But not everything is the same.  Vintage1824 will have its own personality and its own wine selection.  I have already found a vineyard which will be exclusive to Vintage1824!

Our on-line shop offers customers past and present the opportunity to buy the wines they love and have them delivered to their home. Getting across what we do on-line was always going to be a challenge.  We created our own unique aroma wheel to help people understand the aroma and taste profile of the wines we sell.  Additionally, our WSET wine tutor has contributed tasting videos for many of our popular wines.   We encourage our students to write tasting notes for the wines which are put on-line along with social media quotes from customers who are fans of a particular wine.

We offer free delivery for people who live locally to our shops, and a glass of champagne to people who come and pick their orders up.

I have always believed in education.  My moto is “knowledge is gold”.  Offering people informative wine tastings, the opportunity to learn more about the wines they love, challenging people to think beyond what they already know has been a central theme of my business.

No 3 Vining Street is a WSET accredited school.  We offer informal tastings and our own introductory wine course, called The Wine List Uncovered.  We run WSET Level 2 and 3 courses and exams throughout the year in a number of course formats.

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